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Psychological Health and Safety

Mental health issues can and do impact corporate operations and revenue in the following ways:

– Increased employee turnover

– Decreased employee productivity

– Problems with sound decision making

– Increased frequency of mistakes

– Increased usage of the employee benefit plan

– Employees disengaged from one another

We can coordinate or organize on request through our consultant’s training courses through to organization-wide audits and Certified Canadian Mental Health Association Psychological Health and Safety Advising, our customized programs expertly lead you and your personnel to the benefits of stability, productivity, and profitability that come with a psychologically healthy work environment.

Mental Health First Aid

We can organize and coordinate on request mental health first aid course offered by our certified Mental Health First Aid Canada trainer. Participating managers, supervisors, and human resource personnel will be provided with the skills and knowledge necessary to better recognize, support, and manage individuals in their organization who are developing mental health problems or experiencing mental health crises.

Organizations committed to creating a mentally healthy workplace report multiple benefits:

– Increased recruitment and retention efforts

– Reduced disability and absenteeism costs

– Fewer reported grievances and workplace conflicts

– Greater operational output

Behavioural Threat Assessments

Using valid and reliable threat assessment tools and guides, Our certified Threat Specialists conduct behavioural threat assessments to predict the likelihood of violence toward the targeted person. This type of threat assessment requires collecting and evaluating information and assessing the credibility and level of threat posed.

Equally important elements in the process include:

The development of risk mitigation and intervention strategies

Communication with and education of corporate decision makers

Monitoring of the situation to ensure the safety of the targeted employee(s).

High-Risk Terminations

Terminations can evolve from unpleasant to volatile situations. When they do, employee safety becomes a concern.

Our Experienced consultants are experienced in de-escalating and managing potentially violent situations. Our team will coordinate and develop a termination plan with your Management Team and Human Resource Department. If necessary, we will liaise with local law enforcement on your behalf should their response be required.

Workplace Investigations

At Amirco Group we can engage and coordinate the services of former law enforcement investigators to provide investigative support and expertise to companies experiencing problems with harassment, discrimination, bullying, workplace violence, theft, fraud or other forms of misconduct. Our role is to gather factual, unbiased information; to document that information and evidence in a written report, and to participate in the appropriate legal processes as and when required. Depending on the nature of the situation, additional support services for the investigation are available:

– Behavioural Threat Assessments

– Surveillance

– Close Protection / Security Driver

– Security Intelligence, including monitoring of social media

– Threat Risk Vulnerability Assessments for business facilities and homes

We work with our clients to implement mitigation strategies to reduce the threat and to protect employees and corporate assets.

Pre-Employment Screening and Background Investigations

Background investigations are generally required as part of the client’s hiring process or as part of a larger investigation. Conducting an investigation prior to hiring an employee minimizes hiring risks for employers by confirming qualifications, abilities and past job performance, as well as personal integrity.

Whether as part of a larger internal investigation or on behalf of a lawyer for a legal process, background investigations can provide additional relevant facts in support of informed decision making and strategy development.

At Amirco we engage trained researchers and intelligence analysts to conduct these investigations.

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